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Below are samples from our portfolio. Click an image to see a closer view..

All Sticks Will Be
Labeled and Numbered
Sticks May also be Personalized
With Name and Date in Brass


Hand Wraps and Grips
Add Color and Personality
To Your Stick



Medallions May be Used
To Reflect Your
Individual Personality
Choose From
Seven Different Stones



Cherry Wakling Stick
38 inches
w/ hand wrap design


"Fat Boy"
41.5 Inches Dia. 1.35 In

Fat Boy Close Up


New York Times Article 1889
January 1, 1889
From  The Gentlemans Magazine
The sixteenth century is that in which the walking stick became not merely a useful implement, but an article of fashion, dignity and luxury.  For ages before doubtless the stick used for walking was at a certain age common among all nations, but in the majority of cases only on account of the necessity implied in the riddle of the sphinx as to the animal that in the afternoon walked on three legs.  With the Tudor days the stately walking staff becomes the accompaniment of rank and of the sword.  It is a symbol of authority as well.  Thenceforward we find it growing in fashion.  In the seventeenth century it is gold headed and made of rare woods.  It is a sign of leadership.  Thus, to one of its latest and unworthiest instances, that remarkableold patriot, Somon Lord Lovat, ere laying his crafty gray head on the block with " Dulce et decorun est pro patria mori" on his pliable lips, delivers his staff as a symbol of authority over his clan , to his nearest of kin.
    For a long period there was little variety among Englishmen in the material used for the majority of walking sticks.  The "oaken towel,"  as it was pleasantly termed when an enemy was to be "rubbed down," shared popularity with the crabtree cudgel, wich among rural folk especially, was much valued, and classic from the conflict in "Hudbras," when
"With many a stiff thwack, many a bang, Hard crabtree on old iron rang,"
     Classic, too, is that stout oaken stick which sturdy Dr. Johnson, who, like Knox,"never feared the face of living man," provided himself with when he went to the pit of the little theater in the Haynarket in full view of the Foote, who had announced his intention of "taking him off" on the stage - an intention which, in  view of the stick he did not carry into effect.

Unusual Cane/Walker
35 Inches Dia. 1 Inch
Cherry w/ Wrap


Vintage Walker
My Favorite
Not for Sale


 Shot Gun Shell 12 Ga
Butt End of Hiking Stick
" Woodsmans Special"



Walking Cane
With Palm Grip
Dark  W / Lighter Highlights
One of My Favorites


Medium Weight Walker
Cherry  36 in.
Orange Wrap on Shaft


Sturdy Unusual
Beautifully Finished
Crooked Stick W/ Wrap
35.5 Inches


Short Handle Companion
13 Inches w/ Lanyard




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