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     A lifetime guarantee on all sticks!
       (Guaranteed for my lifetime, not yours)
Simply return your broken stick and I will replace it with a similar one free of charge.

How to Measure a Walking Stick !
The height of your walking or hiking stick is really a matter of personal preference.  It all depends on what you are comfortable with and the purpose for which  your stick  is intended.  There are some guidelines to give you a general idea on the height.  As a general rule you will want a walking or hiking stick to be at a height that is somewhere between your elbow and your shoulder with your forearm at your side and parallel to the floor.   For uneven terrain and for crossing stream-beds you will probably be best served with a stick that is longer than one used for a stroll through your suburban neighborhood or on flatter terrain.
Turn your broom upside down and see what feels right and go from there.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 

Help Keep the Planet Green !

 Remember that "special hiking stick" that you so admired that you found along the trail early on in your hiking days.   You can get back to those simpler days with one of "DICK'S WALKING STICKS".  No need for that expensive metal walking stick that is somehow supposed to improve your performance on the trail. It doesn't work that way.  It's all you baby!  Why not get back to basics and try one of my " new wooden" hiking/walking sticks.  They are all a labor of love and have very attractive finishes.  All are numbered in sequence with a very nice brass label. 


Unique "Blue Maple" Walking Cane
35 Inches w/Custom Black Wrap
And a Burl Handle



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Custom Walking Sticks
Hand Finished Hiking Sticks
Fashionable Walking Canes
If you are looking for a truly hand crafted, premium quality walking stick or hiking stick, not a manufactured one with a couple of coats of polly, but one that has been worked and finished to high standards with as many coats of finish as "it takes" to create something unique and personal, then you are looking in the right place.  Due to the amount of work that goes into each piece my prices may be a little higher than some,  but the value will be worth the difference. 

A  sample of various styles

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Talking Stick 
Nicely Finished with
Feathers and Hand Wraps

14 5/8 Inches



Unique Talking Stick
Inlaid Beads with
Two Hand Wraps

13 3/4 Inches



Keep order in their meetings.  
Native Americans used Talking Sticks
to assure that meetings were orderly
and controlled.  A time limit  was
established and the holder of the
stick was allowed to speak.  All others  waited
until the stick was passed.  The holder of
the stick then had the floor and was able to speak but could yield  to another within his time limit.  
Other views were forced to wait until the
Talking Stick is in their hands.





The wood for your  WALKING STICK, HIKING STICK or CANE will be selected for its potential to show off nature at its finest. 

Each stick will have sufficient coats of finish to bring out all the character the wood has to offer  making it truly unique.  All are highly finished with a minimum of 10 coats, with some as many as 25. 

Each stick delivered to you will have a BRASS LABEL and each  will be individually numbered.

Personalized nameplates are also available.  You will enter the desired name during the final checkout process.  The information is at the "Review Your Payment"  page to the left of shipping details.

Walking Sticks and Hiking Sticka are ideal as:    



                    SPECIAL OCCASION GIFTS



Walking Sticks are available in all sizes and weights equally suited for  men or women


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Sumac Hiking Stick
57 3/4 Inches with
Decorative Green




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